“Thanks so much Suzanne! I know my direction was very demanding for this project and you were very patient and responsive. Excellent experience!”

Coolfire Inc.

“…client wanted to go with Suzanne immediately, even after hearing subsequent auditions.  It was pretty remarkable!”

Natalie Shaw

VO Concierge & Head of Casting at The VO Château

“an absolute pleasure to work with.

She’s very professional, positive, adaptable, diligent and focused

on delivering the best possible results.”

Chad Nesrallah

Producer, The Music Factory

“As Suzanne’s coach for 10 weeks, I can honestly say that she put in the work and grew exponentially because of it … a classic example of someone not only determined to succeed, but has improved over time with her great attitude and work ethic”

Shelley Cohen

Voice Actor | Educator, Vocal Coach


Suzanne Amey Genuine VO

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