Practice Diary for Voice Actors

Practice Diary for Voice Actors

There are tons of practice diaries / journal / logs out there for musicians, but I couldn’t find one designed for voice actors. The Practice Diary for Voice Actors is now available on Amazon!  It has 12 monthly calendar pages, 300 daily pages and lined pages at the back for notes or lists. How did […]

How to build a pop-up recording booth

DIY recording booth

Have you ever wondered how to build a DIY pop-up recording booth but were not sure where to start? Follow these instructions and handy shopping list.  I managed to build mine for less than $250, but if you shop around you could probably do it for cheaper! With the current Covid-19 situation, I’m at home […]

What does it cost to start a voiceover career?

Voice over start-up costs

Are you curious to know the start-up costs for your voiceover business?  Here is a list I’ve compiled to help you plan out your expenses!   Before I give you the list of items you may need to purchase if you decide to pursue voice acting as a career, I wanted to first emphasize the […]

10 vocal warm-ups for voiceover artists

Low on time? Got a big audition? Get your voice ready with these 10 simple steps! We all know practice makes perfect, and that applies to voiceovers as well as anything else!  Because voiceover artists use our voices professionally it is essential to warm up before starting a practice session.  Warming up is especially important […]