Profoundly talented at making things sound simpler.

When you need a female voice talent that is not only confident and straight-forward but also nuanced and smart, Suzanne Amey delivers. 

A professional singer and voice actor with a corporate background, Suzanne understands what businesses need to succeed. She’ll record your project with a fast turnaround and is available for live direction.

 Solid, efficient, high quality — that’s what you can expect from Song & Stone VO. Request a custom audition today.


About Suzanne

Smooth and solid, female voice talent Suzanne Amey knows how to cut through complexities to make sure any message she delivers comes through clearly and simply. Suzanne honed this skill in the corporate world, where CEOs and CFOs counted on her to navigate the intricacies of internal client requests, communicate with precision and deliver results.

 A lover of theater and the beach, Suzanne is also a creative soul — a storyteller, singer and actor who grounds her talents in extensive training with industry leading voice coaches. She’s trained with David Goldberg, Carol Monda, Shelley Cohen, and Larry Hudson, among others, and studied audio engineering at the School of Recording Arts.

Voice Actor in home studio

Suzanne produces high-quality voice overs from her top-notch home studio. She is fully equipped to complete custom auditions and vo projects, record re-reads, and provide a quick turn-around time. She is also available for live direction via Skype, phone or google hangouts. Using state-of-the-art recording equipment and editing software, she also can easily edit files as needed and deliver them in any format desired.

There’s a reason Suzanne Amey is known as Song & Stone VO. Like casting a stone into a pool of water, she cuts through to create VO work that is simple and beautiful, with lasting ripple effects.

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